Welcome to the ASSIST – Assessment and evaluation tools for e-service deployment in health, care and ageing website!

The demographic change is making itself felt in all areas of society. Where established societal systems, including the labour market, health and social care, are facing increasing challenges, ICT systems and services are often regarded as part of the solution.

But realizing the potential of ICT for better services is a challenging task. Transforming a good idea into an actual, successful and sustainable reality requires analytical thinking, minute attention to details and finding answers to many questions.

  • How do new ways of doing things affect people and organisations?
  • Who benefits?
  • Who bears the cost?
  • How robust is a service to changes in framework conditions?

The ASSIST framework was created to address these questions in the context of e-service deployment. It consists of a methodological approach, a service assessment model and a software toolkit to help project leaders, entrepreneurs and start-ups to objectively and rigorously evaluate their solution from an evidence-based multi-stakeholder perspective.

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